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Margret Wesely


Interview mit Marc Kühl von Gerüstbau Kühl

Margret Wesely

08. Februar 2022

Would you like to know why scaffolders use the scaffmax® planning software? At the end of our series of articles, Mr. Marc Kühl reports on his reasons for planning digitally, what his favorite functions are and what he thinks of digitalization in the trades. Mr. Kühl manages 40 employees at Kühl Gerüstbau from Lühnen (near Dortmund). Today he briefly introduces his company.

What were your plans before and after launching scaffmax?

Marc Kühl from Kühl Gerüstbau GmbH

Before, we did all the planning on paper and now we only plan everything digitally. The employees take the plans with them to the construction site, making it easier to set up. We can also better control material inventory. We started the program 3.5 years ago, but to be honest we've only been using it intensively for 3 to 4 months.

Why, what has changed in the last few months?

On the one hand, this is due to the online training that I have done. That really helped me and now I know scaffmax much better. I also found a few things in the past not to be ideal. For example, in my opinion, the corners were not converted well with scaffmax, especially if there were any cracks in them. There was another update at the end of last year and we are now very happy with the program. I also previously passed on my criticism of SOFTTECH, maybe that helped.

Yes, that certainly helped to further improve scaffmax. We want our programs to be as practical as possible, and customer feedback is extremely important for our development. Do you use scaffmax for all projects in the company?

Yes, it's our turn. At the moment we are mainly scaffolding apartment buildings. I can also use the automatic scaffolding function 99% of the time. This is a real time saver

What helps you most in your daily work?

The pictorial representation, because we use the 3D models for construction planning and also in construction meetings. I can go through everything with the guys and it will work better later on the construction site. Or an architect would like to discuss certain details in advance. This is also much easier to clarify on a model and there are no delays later.

Cool scaffolding

Photo credit: Kühl Scaffolding

Do you see other benefits in scaffmax?

Yes, the program helps us determine prices. We make a model to know how much material we will need. This is very helpful for more complex projects. For example, we are currently planning a church. We scaffolded the lower area automatically, the top nine floors were reconstructed manually. At the end of the day, we now know exactly what kind of material is coming in and we have to adjust the price accordingly.

Do you have a favorite scaffmax feature?

Yes, automatic scaffolding, because it saves us a lot of time.

Cool scaffolding

Picture credits: Kühl Gerüstbau GmbH

And which function would you like to have?

The rough recording of the workload. How much time do I need to build the scaffolding?

What is your opinion on the topic of digitalization in the craft sector?

This will definitely make work preparation faster; it is the future. Old-school scaffolders may not want to change, but the rest of us can't avoid it. We also need interfaces to other programs so that digitalization works.

Another question, you have done online individual training. Was this form good for you?

Yes, definitely for me. It saves time and was individually tailored to me.

How do you keep up with what's new in the industry?

Via social media, internet and our manufacturers, MJ systems and Plettac. We also helped develop a frame at MJ for the new MSG (Assembly Safety Railing).

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Margret Wesely

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