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The ideal AVA software for a secureand transparent workflow in your BIM projects

Tendering, awarding and accounting in one software solution.

The AVA solution for all phases of the HOAI

  • Quantity take-off
  • Graphical quantity survey
  • Cost control
  • Accounting
  • BIM-capable
  • Interfaces

Unbeatable graphical quantity take-off

AVANTI includes GRAVA, a simple and powerful tool for quantity survey. The graphical quantity take-off from PDF or DWG files as well as from scanned plans is a class above other AVA systems. GRAVA uses the calculated quantities for generating the tender and later in the accounting phase for verification of the quantity survey and invoicing. You can thus offer your clients the unique service of tracing invoices on survey plans much faster and easier.

Transparent cost control

AVANTI generates evaluations for your internal cost control and for reporting to your clients in one go. You can list the costs for the entire project or single contracting units in an overview on your screen. In addition to the current cost status, AVANTI also shows you the development of budgets via estimated costs, contract totals, supplements, payment status and cost forecasts. In addition, different project phases can be compared and documented. This makes the development of quantities and costs transparent for your client. The free cost forecast for individual contracting units and detailed reports complement the cost control in AVANTI.

Secure accounting for you and your building owners

Managing your payment processes in AVANTI leaves no question regarding invoices for construction services unanswered because all documents and invoice checks are precise, clear and traceable. Your BOQs are automatically available as part of the contract. No matter if you want to generate your invoices on a flat rate or percentage basis or using exact item lists - with AVANTI you have full flexibility. All important information is available in the accounting module and can be printed with individual layouts. This includes verification of quantity surveys and invoices, target/actual comparisons and payment releases. Defined limitation periods for deficiency claims are also taken into account.

Take advantage of the knowledge of BIM pioneers

More than 35 years of experience in linking graphic (CAD) and alphanumeric (AVA) data allows us to count ourselves among the pioneers in this field. AVANTI connects quantities calculated from graphic data with qualities (i.e. materials) and the resulting costs which are transferred into bills of quantities including item lists. The bid prices collected during the tendering process can later be saved back with your master data.

This creates a cycle which saves your expert knowledge in your individual databases. For new projects, you always have full cost control thanks to your component database including up-to-date prices.

"You have questions about our AVA software AVANTI? Just get in touch with us – we will gladly help you."

Andreas Haffa – AVANTI Product Management

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There are different ways to get your building model data into AVANTI depending on the CAD system you use. Data exchange between SPIRIT and AVANTI works directly. Autodesk® Revit® uses an integrated plug-in which transfers the data directly into AVANTI. Using ARCHICAD®, you benefit from an IFC translator specially adapted for the exchange of quantities with AVANTI. Other CAD systems like Allplan® and Vectorworks® are connected via IFC interface using the formats IFC 2x3 or IFC 4.


AVANTI integrates all important interfaces for data exchange

Use the following interfaces and file formats in AVANTI for the exchange of your BOQ data:

  • GAEBDA XML 3.1, 3.2 und 3.3

  • IFC2x3

  • IFC4

  • BIM-LV-Container

  • Microsoft Excel®

  • Microsoft Word®

  • Microsoft Outlook®

Quickly productive - AVANTI impresses with its ease of use

It is very easy to get started with AVANTI and to continue with more complex projects. The clearly structured interface always gives you an overview and makes you quickly feel at home thanks to the simple operating concept. The implemented “traffic light colour system” immediately shows you the current processing status for each BOQ and makes sure that you keep your bearings throughout the entire project. AVANTI helps your team to create tenders and prepare contract awards fast and easily.

Who gains most benefits from using AVANTI:

  • Architects and engineers

    Your advantages

    • Consistent in all phases of HOAI
    • Easy to learn and very fast to work productively
    • Simple tendering process and total project control from the first cost estimation up to the facility management phase
    • AVANTI offers you the perfect tools for all your projects
  • Real Estate Industry

    Your advantages

    • A considerable number of players in the real estate industry is using AVANTI to manage a large volume of construction and maintenance work.
    • The portfolio ranges from plain to very complex properties.
    • Corporate Real Estate Managers: develop cost-effective expansion opportunities.
    • Facility Managers: professional management of technical, infrastructural and commercial tasks.
    • AVANTI supports you with the ideal planning, execution and analysis tools for the different objects in your portfolio.
    • Contributes to a more economical realization and an increase of profitability in your projects.
  • Corporate groups, industrial and plant engineers

    Your advantages

    • Cost estimates for construction projects at existing or new production sites.
    • Subcontractor management for your international projects.
    • Industrial plant design using in-house and third-party components.
    • AVANTI enables you to successfully manage all your international projects - optionally offering multilingual databases, handling of different currencies and English user guidance.

AVANTI BIM: The big plus in your BIM strategy

AVANTI is the ideal AVA software for professional quantity take-off and cost estimation. The difference to various other AVA systems is that AVANTI takes the evaluation directly from your graphic data. The best thing about it: You do not even need a 3D model for this. Simply mark elements on your digital 2D plans and use them for quantity take-off. The quantities can in turn be traced back to the drawing from the tender. An important plus as far as planning security is concerned.

When working with 3D models you can transfer quantities directly into the AVA building structure. You can link them to your list of items or use your BIM component pool to assign virtual surface structures. This brings together design and calculation. AVANTI enables you to provide your client with detailed and precise cost estimations at a very early stage of the project. This means security for both parties when calculating the costs and deciding on material qualities.

We will gladly advise you on how to make best use of our products in the BIM process. Read more about BIM:

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