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Founded on progress.
For more than 35 years.

We are convinced that digitization will change the construction industry. For the better.

Digitization enables you to work seamlessly even with large architecture and engineering firms. Crucial for anyone who wants to stay competitive.
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We work hard to make your work easier.

Software as a service

You only pay for the products you are actually using.

Training, training, training

We show you in detail how your work will flow in the future.

From professionals for professionals

Being building professionals by nature, we exactly know your workflows.

Mobile working is coming

All information on a project will in future be available on your tablet or mobile phone.

Open for open interfaces

Our products are compatible with nearly all other solutions in the market.

We are a medium-sized company for medium-sized businesses

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The number of satisfied customers speaks for itself

There are many reasons to work with us. The most convincing come from our customers.

It doesn’t hurt to ask

We will gladly answer all the questions you may have in mind when it comes to building in line with the future.

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