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Rent or buy – with SOFTTECH you have the choice

No changes to perpetual licenses – with softtech software you remain flexible.

The right price option for you

Increasingly, the trend continues that software solutions are offered exclusively as a subscription. Subscribers can often choose between monthly and annual contributions to the use of the software – but do not own the software at any time. SOFTTECH has decided to give you the choice in the future.

Do you already have licenses for our software? Request a quote for an update now.


All the powerful features of our software for a certain period of time. Reduce your entry costs by opting for a software rental. So you stay flexible.

Liquidity Flexibility Even more flexibility INCLUDED: SOFTTECH Circle Support


All the powerful functions of our software for permanent use in your construction projects. Save money in the long run by choosing to buy our software.

Lower, one-time total cost of ownership Constancy OPTIONAL: SOFTTECH Circle Support

No matter how many licenses you need – we have the best choice for you

The AVA software AVANTI and GRAVA as well as the CAD software SPIRIT are available with the following license options.

Initial and subsequent license

If you opt for more than one license, you get all licenses cheaper, this applies from the second license, ie the subsequent license.

Single user and network license

With the dongle* you can use your single-user license at any time on the computer you want to work on. From five individual licenses, a network license is worthwhile. This allows the simultaneous use of a software license according to the number of license slots with only one license key.

*A dongle allows you to use your software on the computer you want to work on. This is particularly useful if you occasionally work from home or have to change your computer more often.

Are you unsure which choice is best for you?

We will be happy to advise you.

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