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Three Goals for SPIRIT 2016

1. More Freedom!

Architecture begins where engineering ends (Walter Gropius). SPIRIT is one of the most flexible and simplistic BIM CAD systems on the market: you design your components by drawing them yourself. For you this means first and foremost: you are not bound by any constraints.

Components can also be transferred from SketchUp and you will only need to add the 2D plan and section data. With BIM software, you not only work with 3D modeled component data but also with classic 2D data. SPIRIT is in the position to simultaneously manage the costing, the basis for which comes from your text database or directly from AVANTI. 

There is no prescribed mandated method, you as the operator, determine your work process. Why? The System must not pose a hinderance, when you require speed. The linking of graphical data (and quantities) with alphanumeric data (and bidding) is achieved in 2D as well.

Many systems work exclusively in 3D. Under certain circumstances, this may prove complex. Establish the necessary freedom, because 2D and BIM together form a powerful combination!

Drei Gründe für SPIRIT 2015 –
 1. Mehr Freiheit!

2. More Reliability!

Drei Gründe für SPIRIT 2015 – 2. Mehr Sicherheit!

Those who work with SPIRIT can look to the future with optimism and reassurance. Cost-effective building information and optimal utilization is a key advantage with SPIRIT. This is possible because of the integrated solution provided for by the CAD system SPIRIT and the Estimating/Specification system AVANTI.

In addition, SPIRIT provides data for Facility Management and transfers the data to FM24. SketchUp and Simlab are available as an effective package for the procurement of new projects. Together with the BIM software solutions from STI, we can ensure that you remain competitive with increasing demands and that your operating processes are structured with integrated data. All within the framework of „design meets calculation“.

The portfolio is complemented by the Project Information Management solution Newforma and the collaboration platform SmartUse. These form the framework for all projects, control and development. 

At the same time, you do not have to rely exclusively on our solutions. What is important, is that you remain a team player, whether in 2D or 3D. You can service all project participants with SPIRIT. SPIRIT provides you with all the established interfaces. From IFC format for your BIM model to DWG, DXF for your 2D drawings, PDF to send and archive your plot sheets and SKP and Collada for your visualization. 

3. More Speed!

Why more speed? Through the fusion of graphics, the design from the CAD or BIM model (SPIRIT) with the alphanumeric data (cost calculations with AVANTI) you ensure communication between both worlds. Generate building costs, massing and quantities, specifications and visualizations from your connected data. Don't make double or triple work for yourself.

Processes have also been optimized programmatically. You will benefit from faster imports, better program handling and new features that facilitate routine daily activities.

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Drei Gründe für SPIRIT 2015 – 3. Mehr Schnelligkeit! 


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