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Software for the construction industry

SOFTTECH is your source for construction-specific software. We have convinced many large and small companies to use SPIRIT in their daily work. Our focus is on easy CAD operation for the completion of planning through all design and construction phases of projects. Since 1985, we have been developing CAD software and AVA programs that support your overall business success. We have expanded our portfolio with additional BIM software and thanks to regular updates of our software you are future-proofed. The demands on our products are just as high as the demands on modern buildings and CAD tools are designed to assist with the quality of your work.

Our product portfolio comprises software that makes it easier for architects, planners, engineers, scaffolders and builders in the construction sector to work through the necessary construction documents with compatibility as well as intuitive and useful functions.

A small taste of your advantages with the CAD software SPIRIT



CAD that is simple - with Drag-and-drop

Operate the CAD software SPIRIT intuitively by using drag-and-drop. Just drag all CAD elements – whether 2D, 3D or BIM objects – from the Resource Browser onto the drawing area. SPIRIT handles the rest for you.


The BIM Cost Manager

Even in the preliminary design phase, detailed information of a cost framework and cost estimation is already required. Quantity evaluation and cost estimates can be generated directly in SPIRIT using the Cost Manager.


Multi-layered wall system

How does the architect or planner draw a multilayered wall? As it is formed on-site: layer by layer. The new Wall system in SPIRIT works in the same way and sets the standard. In doing so, wall layers are flexible: details can be modified and individualized; you can exchange the material of of each layer without also changing the entire wall.


Architecture – Level of detail

Low, standard, medium and high – Each SPIRIT component has four standard architectural detailing options to choose from based on your preferences and needs.


The Level Manager

The new feature in SPIRIT, the Level Manager, allows you to get a clear structure for your building by allowing you to create, edit and structure your levels (floors).


Quantity evaluation in architectural construction

Living space, room volume, units and so much more: SPIRIT provides a comprehensive quantity summary for your project. With the integrated quantity determination you evaluate everything that you have drawn, accurately and clearly.


SPIRIT Webinare

BIM CAD software with integrated cost control

When you work with SPIRIT you are working with a professional CAD program in both worlds: 2D drawing and 3D building model. You decide which world suits you better. The integrated interfaces allow you to simply import building data. This makes you independent of the software systems which your partners are using in the open BIM process.

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BIM – Benefit from the smooth interaction of software solutions

SPIRIT is compatible with AVANTI (AVA software) as well as with all other BIM software solutions, such as SketchUp (Design Software) and facility(24) (CAFM software).

Transfer your SPIRIT building models and drawings quickly and easily to AVANTI; since the systems operate on the same database, the data can be fully processed. SPIRIT is also completely compatible with interfaces such as IFC, DWG, DXF, or GAEB CAFM with other "open BIM" software solutions. Thus, virtually loss-free data exchange is possible with all BIM software solutions. This is particularly im-portant since individual work phases are often performed by different employees, independent companies and in different software solutions.