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Customized Industrial Solutions

Software for the construction industry

Software solutions for the construction and building materials industry

For SOFTTECH as a medium-sized company it is very important to establish solid and reliable cooperations and partnerships. Aiming at mutual success there are numerous long-standing cooperations with companies in different branches.

We are not only supplying newtechnologies but also offering various sales channels. We see ourselves not as a mere providerof software solutionsbut mainly as a business partner. Our many years ofexperience enable us to keep excellentrelations in the software business as well as the construction industry.

CAD and AVA "Made in Germany“

Being building professionals by nature, we exactly know the workflowsof our customers.Because only when you know a problem inside out, you can really solve it. Software experts as well as construction specialistslike architects and civil engineerscontribute to the development of software solutions which are ready for use in the international market.

Our core competence lies in the connection of the graphic and the alphanumeric world. Both graphical and alphanumeric database applications are directly developed in Germany. This is what our brand claim "Design meets calculation" stands for.

Althoughinthe beginning this claim was not necessarilythe focus of our solutions,we found an increasing need for quantity take-off and report generation from the 3D model in later project phases. Our cooperationpartnersappreciate the possibility to optimize their offer calculation and production.

Success is based on 2 % inspirationand 98 % perspiration.

We value long-term partnerships based on mutual success. At the beginning of a joint software development project the difference in knowledge of the participants is often too big to set up a complete and complex plan for the whole project. The objectivesmay change as the project develops and need to be adaptedaccordingly.

We use the Scrum management methodologywhich strives for exactly this goal. Planning, execution, testing and modification/adjustment can be realised in short-term intervals.

Our individual software development contracts are designed to ensure transparency and safety for all parties involved. When willyou get your salesactivitiesstarted? Contact us for a free consultation!

„Transparency and securityare first when we master even the largest software projects. Here too the statement applies: design and costcalculation are always linked to each other.“

Michael Müns – Business Development

It doesn’t hurt to ask

We will gladly answer all the questions you may have in mind when it comes to building in line with the future.

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