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SPIRIT Modell Rendering von G&N Architects

From 2D via 3D to the BIM model – working with the new version SPIRIT 2020.

Working with SPIRIT means you are working with a professional CAD program in 2D planning as well as in 3D building modelling. It is you, the user, who defines the work process. SPIRIT gives you the freedom to realize your projects the way you want them. Only you decide on the method to apply, be it BIM, 2D, 2½ D or 3D.

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Completely new output of your planning documents

You put your clients' ideas and wishes into reality every day. In the end, your plan will be used for presentation, documentation and as a basis for execution on the construction site. In order to meet all requirements, SPIRIT 2020 now offers a completely new PDF output, an optimized print server and numerous new functions related to output.

  • PDF output

    PDF output

    The new PDF output enables you to create your PDF files quickly, safely and reliably. You determine whether text information will be retained or whether layer information can be switched in the PDF file. Looking at the file sizes of the PDF files you will realize that the files are now, depending on their content, considerably smaller.

  • Print Server 2.0

    Print Server 2.0

    The print server handles the Output issue as a comprehensive solution. You can still decide whether a plan is saved as a PDF file, sent to the printer or exported as a DWG/DXF file. With SPIRIT 2020, however, export becomes even clearer and more convenient: The optimized print server shows you immediately whether your drawings were created without errors, the printer information was set up properly and the target paths for file output were defined appropriately.

  • Plot layout

    Plot layout

    As usual, you can place the plot layout area directly in your drawing. In addition, the scale and paper formats can now be changed in SPIRIT 2020 while setting the plot layout – directly in the menu navigator. This makes subsequent adjustments to the plot layouts easy and convenient.

  • Project filing and file names

    Project filing and file names

    The file names for all output formats in SPIRIT 2020 contain details on the plan information. Therefore you don’t have to enter a new file name every time. To ensure that your output result is stored in the correct target directory, you can set the output path directly in the respective plan or sheet. This method makes it so easy to store files correctly and saves you a lot of time, especially if you have several parallel projects.

SPIRIT supports 4K display technology

4K monitors are more and more becoming standard for architects as the high-resolution display offers many advantages. SPIRIT supports high-resolution display giving you a precise view down to the most minute detail. The menu overview as well as the icon and navigation bars appear in a brilliant new design. Even if you are not using a 4K monitor, SPIRIT supports the Windows settings for scaling the display of your monitor.

4K Darstellung SPIRIT 2020 4K Darstellung SPIRIT 2017

SPIRIT features appreciated by our users

Architects, planners, engineers, scaffolders and building owners use our programs for their daily work. That’s why we put so much value on user-friendly software which is convincing through its compatibility, intuitive interfaces and useful functions.

  • Working with components and Level Manager saves time

    Achim Bestgen, Freelance Architect in Duesseldorf

    Achim Bestgen: “I have been using SPIRIT since 2000 and I am very satisfied with it. At last year’s user meeting I noticed that I was not taking advantage of the full potential of the program. The decisive factor for me was the BIM presentation in which working with components in SPIRIT was described in a very interesting and practical way."

    Level Manager, Objectinspector and components
  • IFC export is even better with the new IFC attributes

    Janine Lauer, Construction draftswoman at Janek Pfeufer Architektur

    "An additional benefit in SPIRIT are the integrated IFC-compliant attributes. The component information is retained during IFC export and can be further processed in the BIM process, regardless of the software used."

    Individual reports, IFC attributes and IFC export
  • Referencing in SPIRIT provides real support

    Peter Hickl, Architect and City planner at planwerkstatt.architekten

    "We use the reference technology to create the plan. If I change a drawing or the model it will also be adapted in all other plans. This saves me time and I'm always on the safe side."

    Drawing styles and references
  • Export from the print server is even easier in SPIRIT 2020

    Nils Schäfer, Architect at Architekten Kremer & Partner

    "In SPIRIT 2020, I can now predefine my project right from the beginning and also set the export path. In addition I can take the plan/sheet name from the authorized fields in the print layout. This allows me to determine from the start what my project will be called and where it will be saved. One click and the export runs in the right direction. "

    Print server and PDF output
  • Dimensions are easy and interfaces make you independent

    Birgit Maag, Architect

    "A function I need and appreciate every day is the automatic dimensioning. It works very well and I can always see the snap points in my drawing and change them if necessary."

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