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"If you can inspire your customer, you do not need to worry about success"

How do you inspire your customers? How do you encourage and promote your sales? Do you have the right tools and methods in order to inspire your customers? The success in marketing and sales can be found in your unique sales pitch. To do this, we provide you with the appropriate software sales solution. Through our 30 years of experience in the architectural industry, we are able to support all facets of the construction processes for you. We develop and distribute custom software solutions for the building products industry in addition to the architectural software. Developing a Ruby plugin for SketchUp or linking to other software components, depends entirely upon your agenda.

1. Apply your building products directly as customer objects 

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In the first step, you can very quickly generate a 3D model from a photo of your building, using SketchUp. This forms the basis for the second step, the application of your building products directly as customer objects. Individuals cannot provide for your sales. 

Are you a paint manufacturer? Then you can paint facades directly in SketchUp using your color system.  On request, we are also able to evaluate appropriate quantities and parts lists using Ruby scripts. Your customers can see the results during the session.

Are you a manufacturer of facings or building components, for example shading systems? These can also be implemented for you using parametric Ruby scripts with connection to database systems.

If that is not sufficient, we are also able to establish links to your in-house solutions.  

2. SketchUp is easy to use

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It is estimated that 5 million regular and active people use SketchUp daily, with a total of over 30 million. You can too! Your sales personnel do not have to be software professionals. Through our experience in software training, we are also able to train your sales staff.

Due to the fact that we have been developing software for architects and engineers for 30 years, we know precisely your target group.  Our senior staff are professionals in the field of construction: architects, engineers with marketing and sales experience.

With the Ruby custom development, it is also possible to map constraints in your components. This way, your sales department can market what can be produced. When you give the plugins to architects, you can reduce the bulk of your marketing outlay. 

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Coming Soon – ST component|Editors for windows and doors

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    Parametric and standardized

    With the ST component|Editors, you create your components for complex 3D models parametrically, in a simple way – You provide the desired dimensions and options for the component in the editor dialog. After defining your desired component, you apply it with a mouse click in your model. Additionally, you can furnish your BIM model with real products directly from the manufacturer. You load the manufactured components from the component database directly in your BIM model. 

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    Integrated and universal

    It is possible to universally use the BIM components with the component|Editor by utilizing the same database and a unified data format. This eliminates the need to generate components for different systems. Not only do the editors easily transfer components to the target systems, but read the parameters of each component. Custom adjustment and editing of components is also possible.

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    As a plug-in for SketchUp

    All components from the editors are immediately defined as components in your SketchUp 3D model, inclusive of IFC allocation, so that all necessary information is included in the BIM SketchUp model.

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    • component database with components directly from manufacturer
    • parametric definition of door and window components
    • compilation of component libraries with quick access
    • real-time preview of components in editor dialog
    • subsequent editing of applied components
    • all necessary BIM information contained within component
    • universal components in a single data format
Michael Müns – Product management SketchUp Plugins
Michael Müns – Product management SketchUp Plugins
No matter how complex your portfolio may be - we develop the 3D visualization of your products individually. So give your sales team the best tools available!

Michael Müns – Product Management SketchUp plugins