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With SimLab Composer you can compile 3D models from other systems and generate composite renderings.

You can share the rendered 3D model with your clients as a 3D PDF attachment, or on the iPad or Android viewer. You can easily assign materials to the surfaces in your model via a drag and drop operation from the extensive material library that is included. 

In addition, layout objects such as furniture or lighting can be inserted into the model. Through an intelligent interface, your 3D models from a variety of CAD systems can be dynamically updated. The added layout objects are nevertheless preserved. 

SimLab Composer software is available for Windows and Mac.

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Why you should try SimLab

SimLab has many features that are helpful to visualize your ideas. The most important ones can be found here:

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    Compilation of 3D scenes

    The compilation of 3D models is intuitive and simple with SimLab Composer. Additional 3D models can be imported and added to the active model and freely positioned. The editing of 3D models in SimLab is particularly easy, because each group in the 3D model can be selected separately. SimLab Composer displays a group structure for all 3D models in the scene.

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    Communicate ideas in 3D

    The greatest advantage of a 3D model is that ideas can easily be communicated. SimLab Composer provides several options for sharing files in 3D: On the one hand, you can share the data as a 3D PDF file, that contains the data of your 3D model. The recipient can open this file in Adobe Acrobat Reader and for example rotate the 3D scene interactively. In addition, you can also share the 3D model as a 3D HTML file that can be opened in Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. For communicating while on the road, the SimLab CAD Viewer for iPad and Android is available. 

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    Photorealistic images

    The SimLab RT-Renderer is a high-performance real-time renderer. You can already see a preview of the result while you edit the model. New materials and textures can be selected from the available libraries and applied to the 3D surfaces via drag and drop.
    The result is instantly apparent and the application so simple - anyone can do it!

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    SimLab SketchUp plugins

    We have found that SketchUp is one of the easiest 3D progams to use on the market. SimLab offers various SketchUp plugins that simplify collaboration with other progams. Frequently requested plugins: Solid Works, STL, STEP. If you work in a different 3D program to SketchUp, ask us if there is an equivalent plugin available.

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    Animated scenes

    With the SimLab animation software, you can easily create an animation. Use animations to demonstrate an object in motion or for a virtual tour of an object. The animation can be rendered and exported, allowing you to share the 3D scenes with others. Interactive 3D PDF or HTML files can also be generated with animations.

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    SimLab 3D formats

    SimLab offers you the ability to import 3D models from the most common 3D programs, so you can for example easily import your models from SketchUp, 3D Studio Max, Solidworks or DXF format. 

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