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At last, an easy building survey!

A scaffolder is usually not a computer or CAD specialist, so a tool is needed that is easy, fast and convenient to operate yet still enables planning of complex, nested building shapes.

We’ve found the „twist“: scaffmax in combination with the universal design tool SketchUp provides the solution for the future of scaffolding planning.


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Why you should try scaffmax:

1. How to get a facade for scaffold planning

Push-Pull - This patented „twist” in the software creates buildings within minutes. It works just like modeling, but without having to build walls first.

The Floor plan can easily be loaded into the software as a PDF, image file or CAD file (DXF/DWG). With a single click, you can scale your original and then easily lift the facades using the Push-Pull tool. 

Photographs - With a few clicks, SketchUp can rectify photos and furnish the corresponding facades in 3D.  Then simply scaffold and evaluate the parts list!

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2. Automatic scaffolding

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scaffmax automatically assembles the scaffolding according to the setup specifications, builds the corner connections appropriately and takes the ground conditons into account. 

The actual calculation engine is fast and secure. It is based upon a 25 year experience with automatic design of scaffolding. The supplied components possess a logical „snap” intelligence, to allow individual components to be connected to the correct location in the scaffolding in the easiest manner.  

This allows you to attain the desired solution for the scaffold construction and you can optimally adjust for facade conditions.

3. These are the most important scaffmax facts

The dimensioned scaffolding can be exported as an image and printed from the various pages and views.

Complete parts lists can be generated, directly printed and further processed in e.g. Excel with a single click.

Output as GAEB XML file (incl. assembly time). Direct transfer to the billing program BAP-XML.

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4. Available scaffold systems for scaffmax:

  • Altrad-Baumann-ProfiTech
  • Altrad-Baumann VarioTech
  • Assco Futuro
  • Assco Quadro 70-100
  • Hünnebeck Bosta 70
  • Hünnebeck Bosta 100
  • Hünnebeck Modex
  • Layher Blitz 73/109
  • Layher Allround
  • Rux Super 65/100
  • Rux Ringscaff Metric
  • Scafom Ringscaff
  • Scafom Framescaff
  • Plettac SL 70/100
  • Plettac Contur
Solveig Heimlich – Produktmanagement scaffmax
Solveig Heimlich – Produktmanagement scaffmax
As product manager for scaffmax, it is important to me to offer you a simple scaffold planning solution that can be used effectively on daily basis in a productive fashion. In cooperation with the scaffold building industry and scaffold customers, we  implemented your requirements into the scaffmax software we developed.

Solveig Heimlich – scaffmax Product Management


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