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GRAVA is the measurement software for all those involved in construction. With GRAVA you calculate all relevant quantities of a digitized drawing in a simple and quick manner. 

All functions are based upon your previous manual working methodology. You can therefore answer many questions yourself, e.g. how particular quantities are measured: as done by hand!

The feedback from the market gave us a simple estimating software solution that is required for the paper plan and easier than you think.

Why you should try GRAVA

GRAVA is very versatile.  We asked our customers why they just use GRAVA. Here you will find the most relevant arguments:

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    Führend in der  Mengenermittlung

    A leader in quantity evaluation

    The process corresponds to the regular operation but offers all the advantages of a computer-aided, effective software solution.

    In just five steps you can create an estimate very quickly that you can verify afterwards and that can be manually edited or reworked at any time.

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    Sie arbeiten nach bewährter Art

    Business as usual, only better

    You work in the most proficient way with coloring pencils, triangle and measurement sheets, but in a modern idiom with estimating software.

    You generate the quantities graphically from a digitized paper plan or from a two-dimensional CAD drawing.

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    Alles unter Kontrolle

    Everything under control

    Trust is good, control is better: For better navigation in inputting quantity entries, you can click the position in the bill of quantities and see its corresponding measurement highlighted in the plan in color and instantly see if all quantities are recorded.

    The indexing of all elements in the plan and in the quantities list, as well as the option to compare version numbers with each other, rounds out the endless control possibilities.

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    Viele Formate für den Planimport

    GRAVA is versatile

    The following formats are supported for importing plans: JPG, BMP, PDF (pixel and vector formats), DXF, DWG and S12. Your graphical estimate data can be exported in BMP and PDF formats.

    You can export quantities in the following formats: PDF, Excel, RTF, GAEB and DA11. You can therefore work seamlessly with the AVA solution AVANTI or with any other AVA software.

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    Planvorlagen skalieren und im Maßstab definieren

    GRAVA is powerful

    With GRAVA, you can easily scale your original plans and define the scale. Using the predefined content, you can quickly and easily assign areas, lengths and number of items on the digital building plan.

    The integrated REB Formula assistant helps you in the determination of volumes from the 2D plan. The subsequent modifications and editing of areas and elements is possible by using Object grips.

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    GRAVA ist einfach

    GRAVA is simple

    GRAVA can be operated without any CAD proficiency because it functions in exactly the same manner as manual quantity take-off from paper plans. However, you can easily make manual amendments to the quantity evaluation, and thereby complete your estimate. 

    The novice-friendly and well structured software user interface with the 5 steps to estimation makes it easier for you.

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Andreas Haffa – Produktmanagement AVANTI & GRAVA
Andreas Haffa – Produktmanagement AVANTI & GRAVA
I have developed and reviewed a number of numerical data projects based upon paper plans. Today I represent a software that sets the standard in graphical quantity evaluation and perfectly supports this exact methodology. 

Andreas Haffa – AVANTI & GRAVA Product management


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